Video: Three 435-Foot Cooling Towers Safely Imploded in Tennessee

Cooling towers imploding in Kentucky Mary ManleyAccording to the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), the coal plant was active for 59 years and was finally retired in 2020, after two of the three towers were first retired in 2017. The coal plant, which is located northeast of Bowling Green, Kentucky, and just north of Nashville in Muhlenberg County. The TVA imploded the three towers, each of which are over 435-feet tall on Thursday. The TVA added that when the first two towers were built in 1963, they were the largest operating cooling towers in the world.”The property is being redeveloped as we take steps toward advancing our energy system of the future,” TVA said.”TVA is taking a number of steps to return the site to ‘brownfield’ status around 2030, making way for potential new development. A portion of the site already houses the gas-fired Paradise Combined Cycle Plant, opened in 2017,” it added. “TVA is also constructing additional gas-fired combustion turbines at Paradise.”The cooling towers can be seen crumbling in on themselves as detonation devices explode at their base. The demolition was captured by a series of cameras and drones.About 45% of the TVA’s energy portfolio is currently made up of coal and natural gas, according to their website. On Thursday it was reported that the TVA board had approved $216 million in funding for a project to build a 100-megawatt, 309-acre solar farm on top of a coal ash landfill at the Shawnee Fossil Plant in Paducah, Kentucky.


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